"Catherine Etters has been

an incredible resource for us." 
- M.J., Wall, NJ


"I found her (Catherine Etters) to be knowledgeable, professional, and very likable. She works in the real world and is quite straightforward.”   "….(thank you for) your fine work on my behalf and the professionalism you displayed throughout the process."


Dr David Brody

Dr. David Brody

Sussex County, NJ

We highly recommend using Catherine’s services, especially if you are interested in an individualized plan to increase your office’s productivity.  Catherine helped us to put in systems and get organized-quickly and efficiently.  She was an amazing support for our office during our transition of ownership-we couldn’t have done it without Catherine!  Her personal approach was the best part—she always made sure any changes fit our office and our office’s personality.  She took her time and got to know us  and our goals for the office.  She made herself available to our entire staff, everyone could tell that she really cared about our success.  Working with Catherine was a great experience.  Thank you Catherine!! 

Dr. Chris Connolly

Sewell, NJ



I like to know threads of life. Who I’ve influenced, what I’ve done, who has smiled and who has a new direction. You were there in the beginning a few years ago as we appraised my practice. This past Friday Sara and I completed the transition of ownership. We are most happy, I am most blessed, and we look forward to our new directions.

I would like to thank you for being part of our motion. This is a good luck story. From you being there in the beginning, to our finding the most diligent and honest individual to represent both of us for our families best interests. We both won, we both have a future and we are most grateful to all involved.


Thank you


John Gotwalt

Dr. John Gotwalt

Lititz, PA

Catherine Etters is a great asset to any practice. Her greatest strengths can be described in superlatives- highly organized, extremely efficient and greatly reliable. I would highly recommend The Etters Group because of the personal attention you receive. The financial value is a great investment for any practice.

Dr. Lynann Mastaj

Bryn Mawr, PA

Catherine Etters has helped me throughout the years in two different practices. In both practices her help made a huge difference. Her professionalism and expertise took our office to the next level. Thanks Catherine!!!!

Dr. Emmanuel Frias

Providence, RI

Catherine saved our multi-doctor pediatric dental practice. Her expertise in all aspects of dentistry helped turn our practice around in a tumultuous time. Catherine has the ability to work with all personality types and help them come to an understanding of what the goals are of the practice and what each person’s responsibilities are to make it work. Once the basics were reapplied, it gave us the opportunity to move forward and accomplish goals we never thought possible! Thank you Catherine!

Sharon, Office Manager, Dr. Zuhair Sayany

Marlton, NJ

Catherine is a consummate professional and a wonderful teacher. Our staff loved her workshops and felt they learned a lot.

Lue L., Office Manager

Broomall, PA

Catherine Etters is the ultimate professional in the field of Dental Practice Management. She has the uncanny ability to get to the root cause of what needs to be tweaked in the practice, come up with an action plan, deliver hands-on training and provides the tools necessary to monitor successful implementation. Our practice went through two other well-known consultants whose cookie-cutter solutions left us no better than where we started. Catherine came in, listened and most importantly, heard what we needed and was able to modify her no-nonsense, common sense approach to fit our practice needs perfectly.

Dr. Zuhair Sayany

Cherry Hill, NJ

Catherine’s skill at identifying issues at their core level helped us eliminate recurring issues and solve problems.

J. T.

Philadelphia, PA

Catherine’s knowledge of the industry is profound. She has promoted high standards, inspired team spirit, and taught us many guidelines to increase organizational skills.

Dr. Tom Trinkner

Columbia, SC

Our practice has seen tremendous improvement. We are more efficient, productive, and less stressed. I highly recommend making Catherine Etters part of your team.

Dr. Mary Oliverie

Wall, NJ

No matter how long you’ve been in practice, Catherine can provide excellent advice to help your practice expand and realize its full potential. She can make your staff want to succeed.

Dr. Jeff Koslow

Deptford, NJ

…Your attention to detail created suggestions as to how each staff member could better benefit the practice. Your suggestions proved to create a more positive atmosphere and helped the employees work as a team. You enabled the staff and doctor to work together for the good of the practice.

Dr. John Whytosek

Broomall, PA

…Our goal is to be exceptional in all we do, to always ensure only the very best for our patients. We see this goal very achievable with you in our corner.

Dr. Kenneth Sherman

Hammond, LA

We continue to make giant leaps forward. I couldn’t have accomplished what we’ve done without you.

Dr. Joseph Serra

Farmington Hills, MI

We started out the year not knowing what direction to take our practice and not knowing what areas needed the most improvement. Cathy’s analysis helped determine what areas were the trouble spots, and you came up with a plan to improve our numbers. I’m now approaching things in the proper will that are leading me toward my practice ideal.

M. D.

Garden City, MI

Cathy Etters has had a great deal of dental experience and her knowledge has been a tremendous value to our practice. Our staff has continually praised Cathy’s ability to identify problems and propose solutions.

Colleen B.

Royal Oak, MI

I know that you have helped me in communication and other skills I needed to work well with each team member. I thank you for that!

M. G.

Sweetwater, TX

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