Upcoming Courses for Dentists and Their Spouses

If you've contemplated any of the following, join us and help put your mind at ease:

"Is my practice properly protected from cybersecurity threats?"

"Who will take over the practice when I'm ready to retire?"

"What is the best method to structure a deal to sell my practice?"

"What do I do about healthcare costs in retirement?"

"Does my financial advisor truly have my best interests in mind?"


Bruce Straub - Centric Bank

Catherine Etters - Legacy Practice Transitions

Todd Schorle - TS Tech Enterprises

Isaiah Douglass - Dental Financial Advisor

To reserve your spot, visit www.eventbrite.com and search "Develop, Grow, and Protect Your Practice." Dates and locations include:

April 12th - Radnor, PA

April 13th - Glendale, PA

April 17th - Lancaster, PA

April 18th - Hershey, PA

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