The following published articles were written by Catherine Etters or her associates.

Passive Wealth Accumulation in Dentistry

Co-authored by Catherine Etters and Ronald I. Prokes, D.D.S. for Keystone Explorer

Since the time of G.V. Black and his famous phrase "Extension for Prevention," dentists in North America have searched for methods to improve the oral health and appearance of their patients. Along the way, many have achieved financial wealth, whereas others have struggled financially, despite being members of one of the highest paying professions in North America. Why is there such a disparity amongst members of our profession?

First Year. First Impressions. Getting the most from your first associateship - from Day One.

by Catherine Etters for Dental Entreprenuer

Congratulations, dental graduate! Welcome to the world of dental associateship and your first days in the office. You’ve reached one goal and are on the road toward your dreams. But your first job represents more than just a steady paycheck after years of hard work in dental school. It is a critical juncture in your development as a dentist. If you’re lucky, you’ll build a strong philosophy of work and success that will set the tone for the rest of your career.

Avoiding Personality Roulette: How to Hire the Best and Brightest

by Catherine Etters for Dental Entreprenuer

For every dental office manager who has a perfect track record for hiring the best employees, there are probably 10 who have been blindsided by hiring the wrong person occasionally. Sometimes the right person is hired but placed in the wrong position.

Up and Running: Get your associate off to a smart start

by Catherine Etters for Dental Practice Report

Finding and hiring the right associate is a lot like finding the perfect car. It may have all the style, personality and performance you’re looking for, but you still have to get behind the wheel and navigate to your destination. Stepping on the gas is up to you. So is stalling. In the world of associate integration, breakdowns are all too common. Follow these steps to get your new associate headed in the right direction, on the road to success.

Do you need a treatment coordinator?

by Catherine Etters for Dental Practice Report

What if you could build employee morale, ensure better patient service and increase production and profitability by making one change in your practice’s structure? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Welcome to the world of the treatment coordinator. This position enhances nearly every aspect of your practice. Treatment coordinators offer benefits that are tangible and reliable, when the proper fit is achieved between responsibilities and practice needs.

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