When is the right time to sell my practice?

Most dentists should decide to sell their practices as part of a planned exit strategy that

considers life goals and financial considerations. Sometimes, however, plans are altered

by life events such as divorce, health issues, relocation, burn out or disillusionment with

practice ownership.  In either case, Catherine can assist you in designing and executing a transition plan. The time to begin thinking about an exit strategy is before it becomes necessary to sell your practice.  It is never too early to plan ahead, and preparation can help you build and maximize practice value.


What can be done to improve our efficiency? My staff is already doing all they can.

Every dental practice needs to be evaluated on its own terms of efficient operation. But all analysis considers four main areas: People. Processes. Production. Profitability. The Etters Group evaluates your practice based on your current operation—how you schedule, how your team utilizes technology, the success of case presentation, hygiene production, new patient visits, and many other areas. We also look at financial reports and overall trends. Teamwork is also an essential component. Our Practice Assessment saves you time and money by identifying opportunities for improvement.


I am considering hiring an associate but am not sure I can afford it, or if I really need to. How do you determine what’s right for my practice?

Hiring an associate is an important step in a growing practice. However, not all practices that are busy need an associate to lighten the load. The Etters Group will assess your scheduling, production, patient base and other factors to determine if the practice truly needs another dentist, or can be more efficient in other areas. In transition planning, we take a careful look at your situation, and make recommendations based on your unique needs and circumstances.


My staff is experiencing personality issues and other concerns that are detracting from productivity and pleasantness. What can you do to help?

When issues arise or tensions develop, it’s important to take steps to get to the heart of the situation and understand what’s really going on. The Etters Group provides comprehensive Human Resources and Staffing consulting services that untangle the problems that disrupt productivity and teamwork. We talk with you and observe your team in action. Our recommendations will consider every aspect of your practice environment and will be designed to bring about the positive change your practice needs to thrive.

How can I keep my team happy and growing in their roles, and re-energize their commitment?

The Etters Group provides a wide range of training and workshops designed to enhance the skills of team members both individually, and as a whole. Our comprehensive on-site in-services can deliver a boost to team morale and can re-energize team members by teaching them new skills that they can put into use to make their jobs more rewarding.


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