Whether you are buying, selling, merging or transitioning in your dental career,
Catherine Etters can help guide you in the right direction and offer unique programs through Legacy Practice Transitions.

Catherine Etters has partnered with Legacy Practice Transitions to offer comprehensive practice transition services to dentists in all stages of their careers. Transitions aren't what they used to be: selling a practice upon retirement. No matter what stage you're in, there are transition options that will help you achieve your immediate and/or long-term financial and professional goals. Legacy provides dentists with more options then ever before:

  • Pre-Sale or Walk Away

  • Merger investment with up to 40% ROI!

  • Incremental and Deferred Incremental Sales - options where a practice owner can enhance their accumulated wealth 2.5 times that of waiting 10-15 years before making a transition plan

  • Fair and equitable contracts with dual representation

  • Practice Value Protection Program

Legacy Practice Transitions specializes in Objectives-Based Practice Transition, working with both buyer and seller to align the goals of both and ensure the best possible financial and professional outcome for both parties.

Legacy Practice Transitions also uniquely offers a Practice Value Protection Program, providing your practice with security in the event of unexpected death or disability. Preparing in advance speeds the process of evaluating and listing your practice in such cases, removing the burden from your staff and loved ones. As part of the Practice Value Protection Program, Legacy will perform an initial valuation of your practice, updated yearly at no additional cost, so you always know the current value of your practice.